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Learn Italian Software Reviews

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Learn Italian Software Review

Why Learn Italian From Software?

The Italian language is, perhaps, the most classic romantic language. It is not called La Bella Lingua for nothing. Fluent Italian speakers are able to create poetry by speaking a language that has its roots in Latin but was formalized in the early 14th century. There are nearly 60 million native Italian speakers in the world, so learning this language could be a benefit career-wise and could help you on your next vacation to Italy.

Learning a language requires a large time investment. It may take several semesters of school to learn a language. Instead of paying tuition and making time to go to class, why not learn the Italian language at your leisure? Italian language software allows you to learn one of the most cultured languages from home, in your car or on your iPod. The other advantage to learning Italian this way is the cost. Even the most advanced programs will cost you far less than university tuition.

If you have a background in Italian, this type of software is a great supplement to your experience. Italian software will help you become fluent through conversation practice, speech recognition and culture lessons. For a solid language learning education, we recommend Tell Me More Italian, Italian Complete Edition and Pimsleur Italian Unlimited. You'll find more information about the benefits of speaking this language in our articles about learn Italian software.

Learn Italian Software: What to Look For

To be effective, the software needs to have the right combination of features and tools that, together, cover all the fundamentals. Obviously, the application should be easy to use because you want to spend more time learning Italian than navigating the menus. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate the software.

The best software for learning how to speak Italian should teach you how to read and write in Italian. It should help you focus on pronunciation and include exercises specifically designed to build your vocabulary. Software intended to help you learn Italian should also include Italian grammar training.

Teaching Tools
The methods for teaching Italian for beginners must be effective and fun. Things such as audio, video, speech recognition, word recognition, activities and culture lessons are the most important tools, though there are many others.

One of the most important aspects of an Italian language program is high usability. If the software is difficult to navigate, it detracts from the learning experience. The software should offer ways to track your progress and adjust the curriculum accordingly. Compatibility with mobile devices makes an application useful on the road and brings the classroom to you.

Help & Support
There should be a help section built directly into the application, which should be well written, organized and not too technical. Italian language software should also have tutorials available to explain difficult concepts. The language software manufacturer should offer telephone, email, live chat and social media pages for instant support.

Not only will learning the Italian language help you in situations of encountering native speakers, but it will also lead to an eventual vacation to Italy. The language and culture lessons are enchanting, and you'll find yourself booking a trip to the Parthenon before you know it. It's important that you're prepared and that you find software that fits your learning style. With learn Italian software, you can change your language skills from mediocre to magnifico.

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